November 18th, 2006

officemax aubrey

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thank you, gunlord, for directing me to the great fun that is space_ghetto, where i have discovered this gem. i had saved it to my hard drive so that i could upload it for you here, but daaang, i'm tired and lazy today. be grateful i'm even using the backspace to correct my mistypings at this point.

school quarter is wrapping up quite nicely. i get to register for classes on tuesday. black friday is a week from yesterday. i some how allowed the store manager to talk me into working from 4 am until 10 pm, with a three hour break between "so you can go home and get some rest." ... it takes me a half hour each way to walk to/from work, so that gives me an hourish nap. joy. but he said we're having quiznos, which is somehow supposed to make everything magically better.

glad i didn't have to deal with the ps3 release, nor will i the WiiNES. (oh, how i love saying 'wiines', like chandler and his wenis.) we had some really cranky fucks in our line yesterday who had been standing there OMG for two whole minutes!!! yancey just purposfully walked away when they were shrieking at him to get on a regiser, as he knew that he would have to do a carryout for me in a mo-mo. he had tried to 'splain to them just why he wasn't behind one, but they just howled over his response; he then decided that they weren't worth his breath. awesome. it wouldn't have been so bad, except that they were trying to incite everyone around them into freaking out, too. Christmas shopping hath officially started.

i'm just thankful (though surprised, as i'm the ad-faerie) that i don't have to work wednesday night to set the ad. i love how uber secretive everyone is about the upcoming black friday ad (they won't even let us peek at it yet), and yet it's plastered all over online. funny. haaa ha.

i'm still bitter that igor ratted me out to management the other day. i wasn't doing anything so i took the extra person in line to ring them up for a $14 phone. but OMG, IT WAS AN ELECTRONIC that igor could have gotten one of his precious freaking insurance plans on, and i 'stole' the customer, and i didn't even offer it to them, OMG. so management pulled me into the office, chuckling. "did you do this? you're not in trouble. igor had a complaint." i 'splained that it wasn't worth my breath to try to sell a replacement plan on a fourteen freaking dollar phone, and that the people had been freaking out at the price to begin with, so why would they want to give me more money? "well, you need to offer it on every single thing that is applicable." erm, yeah. i'll be the judge of that, meaning i'll offer it when management is in hearing distance, or when i think it will be an easy sale, otherwise, i shall not be a slow cashier like everyone else because i'm not asking every single customer in my line:

'what's your zip code?'
'do you have our rewards card?'
'would you like to get one started?'
'would you like a replacement plan on this $14 phone?'
'would you like an in home service plan on this chair?'
'would you like to save 10%by applying for an officemax credit card?'
'would you like a bag for that?'
'can i borrow your card to type in some digits?'
'can you hit yes on the screen?'
'can you sign?'

.... ugh. sorry, from the shopper's view, i always want to get in, get out, and get on with my life, not be barriaged by a gazillion irrelevant questions when i'm buying a $5 item.