November 26th, 2006

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after a long discussion with my psych teacher about the benefits of a glass of red wine every day, i've been trying it... yanno... for my health. because i almost never drink anymore, this results in becoming quite tipsy and goofy.

so, uh... sorry for the silly responses to some of your posts, or if they didn't make a whole lot of sense.

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disco star

come join up with me, oh joyous and free... blah hooey.

did pretty much nothing today except watch the looney toons discs sent to me by netflix and SLEEP. slept from 230 am until 1030 or so, got up for a couple few hours and went back to bed and slept until six.

accomplished nothing i wanted to today, including my life application essay that is due on tuesday in psych. i so don't feel like doing it at ALL, and certainly don't have the brain power for it now.

methinks i'll go to bed.

thank doodness this is my last week of school until january (finals excluded, of course.), though i'll greatly miss my psych teacher. as i'm now majoring in music, i'll probably get to take the music teachers again.