November 28th, 2006

bucky scarf

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i hate not knowing if there will be classes or not. it's an hour or more commute one way (yay for being a pedestrian), so it's a big deal to drag myself out of bed and march to campus in hopes that each and every one of my professors are not snowed or iced in. i had tried to just go back to bed anyway, but the idea of NOT KNOWING is oddly what drug me out of bed.

that, and the deal with my music theory teacher that he would drop two of my absences (and thusly negate my letter grade drop) if i agreed to not miss any more classes this quarter. somehow, methinks that if Professor Ben shows up and i'm not there, a feeble "but it's CODE outside!" wouldn't suffice to get my B back instead of a C.

so away i go.