November 30th, 2006

disco star

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Creepy Moment of the Day: i get off the bus and swing into the corner market a block from my house to get something to eat for dinner. i immediately see Meth-head Martin, a guy that used to frequent officemax. he always looks like he's up to no good, as he's by FAR not typical of the general omx shopper - long, straggly hair that looks like it was washed a month ago, many teeth missing, a face so gaunt that it's almost as if you can see the outline of his teeth through his cheek. we always watch him like a hawk when he comes in, though he usually ends up buying approximately a hundred dollars worth of electronics each stop.

the last time that Mr. Martin came in, though, a customer pointed out that he had something in his coat. i pointed this out to a manager, Martin set off the alarm going out, and then thrust all his belongings at the store manager, and ran. we recovered about $250 worth of electronics (mainly hard drives), and i got a nice $20 reward out of it.

so i walk into the store and immediately see him. the entire time that i'm shopping there, he's watching me like a hawk, eyes frantic. as he left, i watched him walk past the window outside, glaring at me the entire way. so i told the cashiers the storybehind him so that if i got mugged, they would have a description.

so much homework to do tonight, but i figured i would work on the fugly-scarf-to-become-a-fugly-purse-instead whie watching In Her Shoes. yes, yes, i had taken all of your suggestions for requests from netflix back in the days of yore, and i'm just starting to get them in. (the other disc received today was looney tunes vol. 3.)

i think i've reached that point in my feminininine cycle to where i could eat a bus of children, if provided with the right seasoning. sheesh.

going through other inner transformations, which i may or may not share in the future.

and thank you to madamealexis, for my very firstest hollyday card. much appreciated, mah dear.