December 11th, 2006

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You find 279 Neopoints!!!

You find a Cyodrakes Gaze Snowglobe!!!

You also find a Anger Management for Navigators!!!

went to the company Christmas party last night, where they proceeded to give us all sorts of random stuff that had been in our front lock up for random rewards here and there. thusly, we all got vendor fodder of all sorts: jason got a tracfone frisby, char got an OKI tote, i got an officemax watch (that i have to buy batteries for. doh!). my two favorite parts of the evening:

- everyone was holding up their random stuff like ink pens, etc., and yancey yells "I GOT A RAZOR!!" (the ONLY thing in his gift box was a generic shaving razor. nothing else.)
- yancey was sitting about five people down the long table from me and suddenly yelled "aubrey, you're so QUIET down there!!" to which i replied "i'm sorry, i was busy poking my chicken." lori then showed me a video she made of everyone around the table - everyone was laughing all around, and when the camera came to me, i was concentrating very hard as i was poking my chicken with a fork. about two minutes after i finished saying that, yancey says ".. wait. did you say that you were POKING your CHICKEN?" "yes, i'm in the corner, poking my chicken."

it was an unrelief to realize that i'm still socially awkward around my coworkers when not in a work setting, which is ridiculous. awkwardness and bland food aside, though, i'm glad i went.


i find it humorous that the correction notices i received to put out with a couple of the ad signs all say at the bottom:

"we apologizes for any inconvenience!"


it's so freaking miserable out there today, i wish i could afford to call in. hell, it's been FOREVER since i did. and if they're taking a ton of my check anyway, what's the point? but i will go.



i also received a B for my ear training class. no word on the others yet.
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Also had a pirates of the carribean dream last night where i was trying to help kiera knightly convince orlando bloom that she would rather be gay than to sleep with jack sparrow, and that jack paid her good money to give him that foot rub.

i just dumped my cereal on the floor. rawk. it's grape nuts, too.

it did make me feel better this morning to have a cat that was OMFG SO EXCITED to see me when i woke up.