December 17th, 2006

disco star

(no subject)

Twinge over my neck
Over my stomach
Today is the seventh day
This room reminds me of something you'd say
Reminds how you're missed
As you twist away...

Watch for the candle I'll shine from the shadows to you
Watch for the shadows, I'll surely be shining through
Watch me...

Far too much space in these hollowed out days
You cored out the centers with your own blade
Count up each minute you could have been saved
Convert to a letter... sing this song J

Sing this song, small comfort
Sing this song anyway
Sing this Song J
disco star

(no subject)

You find 971 Neopoints!!!

You find a Noil Tea!!!

You also find a Winter Blechy Hat!!!

still ill. i slept until 1 pm, and i already feel like i need to go back to bed. no strength. freezing. fuhREEZINg.

the bottom joint of my thumb on my left hand is literally black and blue from tambourine-ing too hard last night. ha ha. i blame "return".

thank you also to all of your well wishes for the pacific northwest and the weather and non electricity we've been having. thankfully, this household has been unscathed by it, though some of my coworkers and friends haven't been so lucky.

maybe tea would help. not the electricity problem, but me.

funny that i feel hung over but didn't drink.