December 18th, 2006

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You find 523 Neopoints!!!

You find a Christmas Bori Plushie!!!

You also find a Festive Bori Music Box!!!

so very tired. i slept 10 hours and feel like i need to sleep at least five more. alas, there's work to be had. i do want to call in one day this week, just because i CAN... and i'm not making any money right now anyway ;) ah, well. they seem to appreciate me when i'm there, which is more than i have gotten at any other job. when they DID show gratitude, it was fleeting.

i feel loveded.

i really am blessed. sometimes, i just seem to forget that.


and clicky here for a video of us doing Song J live on saturday, as posted by new guitarist avery. (presumably done by one of his friends, as it was avery heavy?) you can sorta hear my water piano solo ;)
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¡Dios mio!

my spanish books cost over TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS?!?! aye carumba. mui mal burrito, and all that other speak.

good thing my books from last quarter transfer over to this quarter (for ear training and music theory) and my piano book costs a whopping $8.

¡Hay un hacha en mi cabeza!