December 23rd, 2006


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You find 374 Neopoints!!!

You find a Colourful Snowy Window!!!

You also find a Shooting Star Muffin!!!

woke up this morning feeling like i was hit by a mack truck. oy. really don't feel like work today. actually, i've loved working recently (thank goodness, as i've put in well over 28 hours of work in the last two days), i am just really sick of CUSTOMERS. sheesh. everyone is being unreasonable regarding their shopping demands. actually, that's not fair. i had a giant string of wonderful understanding customers yesterday, but the few who aren't so nice seem to block out most memory of those who were.

at least the ad i'm setting tonight is really small.

and a wonderful happy birthday to the best friend in the world, dear faetal. you've made remarkable and positive changes in my life, just knowing you. i'm sorry i have to work all day and night, but know that i love ya and that you're totally on the brain today.
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finally off work - yippee!

but i'm going in at 8 a.m. tomorrow - boo!

but then i get the next day off - yippee!

but then i'll be working almost twelve hours on Christmas eve - sigh!

the other guy Don, that was up for taking over our store but lost it to Kirk, is training with us today and tomorrow. i almost feel for the guy "ha, you didn't get the job, but why don't you hang out with them anyway for the next couple of days to see what you're NOT going to get? kthx." we're top in all sorts of sales spots, as well as quite accomplished compared to other stores regarding store set up and price changes and stuff that was supposed to be done, PLUS we didn't go that far over in payroll, so district's loving us and getting to be our store manager instead of another store's is like a promotion for anyone else currently running other stores and being sent to a different store is like punishment as they haven't done anything they were supposed to yet and stuff.

i'm so loopy that i believe in runon sentences which i would love to believe that i use fairly rarely, though they can certainly be useful in certain circumstances and such.

i'm quite hungry and could certainly inhale a small moose but methinks i shall instead go to bed as i have to be up in six hoursish for a final round of the pre hollyday stuff and to officially kick off a week that will be more busy than the current one that i just finished because of all the overnights.

which reminds me - they scheduled me to work hours like 6 pm until 2 am... but then have everyone going home at 11 pm and no one else coming in until midnight. must speak with someone to see how this will work tomorrow.

ooh, and i forgot that i have tuesday off too, weee! that was like my little gift from the scheduling gods for working extra and for pulling a ten hour shift on Christmas eve.

i'm also happy to report that we close at 6 pm on new years DAY, yo. that rocks like noboday's bizness.

sorry that i haven't been reading anyone's journals much as of late. know that i do love yous, though.

thank you also for all the wonderful Christmas cards i've been getting from you - i am already working on hanging them on a wall to take a picture of to post for you.


ooh, and i also put in about 45 hours this week - overtime huzzah! and all of those hours but eight were put in during the last 2 or 3 days. i seem to have lost count.

but boy, are my dogs a barkin.

and i think i'll end up putting in about 50 hours next week, which is my last week of vacation before returning to school.