December 27th, 2006

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You find 167 Neopoints!!!

You find a Brightvale, A Complete History!!!

You also find a Gobbler!!!

dumb, idotic dreams last night that brought out the depths of my lack of self esteem. (sex was free and clear and no one would sleep with me because i was the fat girl.) oh, how i love my subconscious sometimes.

today begins the day of work where i have no idea how long i'm supposed to work each day or how things will work out with my schedule. meh.

had to close my window last night because rain was blowing in and landing all over my lamp and alarm clock. i was quite confused when it started to happen, as i've lived here over three years now, and this was the first time this had ever occurred. meh. i don't know how to spell occur-ed. first time this had HAPPENED. there's a way around it, oh yes.

coworkers talked me into reading some laurell k. hamilton.... :| to me, the hamilton books are to mercedes lackey's diana tregarde books, as terry goodkind is to robert jordan. pretty much the same story, but not as in depth and written very shoddily. it doesn't help that the books are written in first person (not that this is always a bad thing), and is made up of very very many tiny sentences. I went to the store. The girl saw me. She had a look in her eyes. It was evil. apparently, hamilton never rode the conjunction junction. ;)

um... nothing else to report.
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i also love it that i went to bed with sopping wet hair last night and woke up with one helluvan afro. i thought my hair was too long for that now? i was mistaken. maybe i'll take more recent photos for you soon. maybe.

also realized that i left my mp3 player at work and will thusly have a half hour walk there with only whatever song is going through my head to accompany me. i'm working right now to get conjunction junction out of my head (though it was the better than ezra version of it, and i didn't mind TOO much having kevin's sultry voice in my head saying "but that's an absurd thought."

in case you missed earlier bulletins, i took over my brother's computer when he received his new dell, thusly giving me 2 1/2 times the RAM i had on my old one. our attempt to move my 120 gig hard drive over didn't work, and until i feel energetic enough to rip everything apart and rebuild my old computer again, i'm stuck with his 3 gigs of music on his computer, instead of my 27+. yes, i'm spoiled. at least he has some okgo on it.
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my favorite thing that someone overheard recently was what my brother overheard while at work at 630 am:

"how many babies DOES it take to make a bottle of baby oil?"

overheard today at jack in the box (by the manager and employees, no less.):


I can tell i'm aging because i was teetering right on the edge of being offended that the people making my food were screaming this at each other with no care for who was overhearing. i was waiting for the guy with the 4 year old boy to say something, but i wasn't about to complain while they were making my food. i've worked in enough fast food joints to know that if an employee doesn't give a rat's ass if you hear them screaming sexually transmitted diseases across the building, then they certainly won't mind adding a bit of spit (or worse) to your food.

received some of the dark tower stephen king books in the mail today, due to your recommendations, as well as the devil wears prada. i haven't seen the movie, but wanted the book as one of my classmates in my improv classes came up to me (Larie!) and said that she envisioned me as the roommate and couldn't get me out of her head whenever she read it, because she felt i WAS the roommate. she confessed that she didn't know that much about me, but from what she did know, she suspected that i had a personality like the roommate. so i shall read it.

other books received lately (meaning: last three monthsish):

those laurell k. hamilton books
mercedes lackey - diana tregarde books (3 in 1)
r.a. salvatore's dark elf trilogy (3 in 1)
eddings' belgariad part i and ii (5 in 2, methinks.)
hitchiker's guide trilogy (5 in 1)
gaiman's coraline
gaiman/pratchett - good omens
terry brooks - word and the void (3 in 1)
brooks' heritage of shannara (4 in 1)
brooks' shannara (3 in 1)
feist's something something war (midkemia, prince arutha, etc.), all 4 books
the griffon trilogy by lackey
the arrow trilogy by lackey
the last herald mage trilogy by lackey
tom robbins - jitterbug perfume and... something else

all i can say is, hooray for and for scifi book club's no payment until march + buy one/get one free deals. i can finally rebuild some of my collection i had when i left all of them in phoenix (except the jordan books because that's what i was reading at the time. sigh.) i would have replaced williams' memory/sorrow/thorn books, too, but i read those right before i left phoenix and haven't had a craving again yet. (but it's still one of my top... three? series evur. well, maybe not three. death gate cycle is super number one, and i'll always have a spot in my heart for the shannara books, as they're what got me into the fantasy genre. well, maybe top three.)

so, i have some reading to do, yup.