December 28th, 2006

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You find 674 Neopoints!!!

You find a Christmas Ogrin Plushie!!!

You also find a Striped Holiday Tree!!!

i am eating - and enjoying - the mint flavored LIMITED EDITION m&m's i picked up at work yesterday. don't bother going to look there, i got the last bag.

mwa ha ... haaaaaa.

by gall, are they MINTY. it's like.. well, it's certainly like SOMETHING, i'll tell YOU. at least i don't have to worry about eating too many of them.

weird dreams where i was roommates with john stamos and Balthier. the neighbor lady kept coming over to snoop because she was convinced that we were up to a little sumpthin sumpthin. i was off limits to the boys, though, because i was married. i would walk around with my long, beautiful, flowing, shiny blonde hair, flashing my wedding ring, though there was never any husband around, nor did i ever speak of him. i think i made him up. but i looked a lot like lady amalthea from The Last Unicorn. i should watch that movie again.

and i don't care if i used it yesterday, but this post hath inspired me to use my Balthier icon again.

tee hee.

ooh, and i won't be working overnights, alas. this means that i can start to work hard on getting my sleeping schedule turned back around to waking up at 6 am instead of 2 pm.

disco star

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i like how i don't mind stuffing fistfuls of sugary substances into my gaping maw on a daily basis, but i HAVE to have splenda in my tea.


in a musician note (pun only slightly intended after the fact): two artists should never EVER have their music redone for ANY reason whatsoever:

The Beatles
Violent Femmes

you don't mess with a classic, and if you do, you end up sounding like a) you don't have enough creativity to do your own freaking music, b) you want to capitalize on something that was unique in its own right and take a slice of that pie for yourself c) you stink as a musician.

ya just can't redo any of their songs WELL. says me.

i also had a moment of "omg, i'm so freaking HAWT!" as i padded outside at 3 pm, no bra, cloud stretch pant pajama bottoms, thick blue bathrobe, unbrushed hair stuffed under a kercheif, giant fluffy orange striped socks stuffed into flip flop sandals, carrying a bag of garbage and not one, not two, omg, not even THREE, but FOoooOOOooUR empty pizza boxes, and had to walk past the hot UPS man dropping off a parcel next door. i'm quite certain you could see my hairy legs in the gap between pajama bottoms and socks, black hair glistening off of my snow white legs.

i am a goddess.

wow, my brother has a TON of american idol music on his computer. i really really really need to hook mine back up so i can have my own music again. it's funny how i never think of my brother of being gay, and then occasionally i'll run across something of his that is SO stereotypical of the gay man, i.e. all the american idol, erasure, and corrs on his computer. or the way he shrieks like a five year old girl when there's a bug in the room.

i love my brother.

I should, I wish I could, maybe if you were, I would

yes, yes, the treadmill video is brilliant, etc., but this video will always make me laugh more:

i especially love what the two guys are doing in the beginning of and during the fight scene.

and now i'm off to work. i had something to add to this, but i can't seem to find the song on the hard drive, so another time then.