December 31st, 2006

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being covered with hives from the waist down is the BEST. don't let anyone tell you that rainbows and kittens and raw chocolate chip cookie dough is the best, because it's truly HIVES.

let's hope that some claritin will rid me of the beasts, as i don't have anything else. i bathed and scrubbed, but they all just seem angry now, instead of soothed like i had planned.
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You find 1000 Neopoints!!!

You find a New Year Dummy!!!

You also find a Grarrl New Year Dentures!!!

woops! missed yesterday. ah, well. life goes on without neopets.

this will be the last day that i get to sleep in until Whenever, and apparently Whenever = noon on the dot. i also should get stuff ready for school on tuesday, as i'll be working all day tomorrow. we'll just see how far that logical thought takes me.

legs still itch a bit today, but not nearly as bad. i always wondered if there was something up with my work pants or something in them, as i've had itchy spots over the last couple of years. but no matter what pants i wear, no matter how clean i and the pants are, i itch. last night was just itch + fifty, and all over me legs instead of a concentrated area or two. i thought that maybe i was allergic to cotton (as one of my customers is) but it never matters if my pants have cotton in them or not. it's not the detergent, because it only ever happens on my legs.

who knows.

aaaaand enough about gross bodily issues.... i had been praying all along this last month that december would go away and i could start the new year; however, now that we're in the last day - hours - part of me is freaking out and shrieking "I'M NOT READY!!!"

why on earth i would need to be ready, and whatever for, is beyond me, but there you go.

i've also felt quite sane the last couple of weeks, which makes me wonder again if there's something going on with my hormones that cause me to freak out for a week every month. this theory will be tested as i shall start bleeding only a couple of days into the next quarter.

stay tuned for possible posts of doomy doom and the infinite ramblings of emosadness.
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my cat's full name is Little Bitchy Baby Bacci Arabella Butterfly Moon Kitten Spaghetti Chewbacca New Years. I figured i would give poor Bacci some catnip to try to get her mind off of being in heat... resulting in her still writhing, but writhing VERY QUICKLY.

my poor girl. only a couple of days unti *knockonskull* student funds arrive and i can rip your girlie parts out of your body properly, so you don't have to go through this again.

sheesh, and neither do we.

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dumb dumb dumb moment of the century:

i ordered pizza about a half hour ago and was fervently waiting for it to show up. i receive a call from OfficeMax: "aubrey, did you order pizza?"

so i ordered pizza and had it sent to my WORK, not home. i was freaking out, and they said "no problem, it wasn't like they came in and said 'WHERE'S OUR MONEY!' because you paid with a credit card."

so as no one here has a car, i told them "HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM ME!" and am still sitting here, out 25 bucks and still hungry.


they said that they'd pay me back, but i feel AWFUL spending $25 of store money without prior permission.

i'm a dweeb.

LMFAO - and i also included a tip before hand, something i have NEVER done, so they didn't even have to worry about that.

i wish i could see their facial expressions, too, when papa john's showed up and said "here's the pizza you or-dered!" (said in Jhonen Vasquez voice from a zimmy episode)

edit: i just replaced the order, making extra sure to send it HERE, and papa john's called "hi. um....... did you just place an order?" i told them that yes, i was dumb, and yes, i still want it delivered HERE, not to officemax. good thing they question two seperate orders put in within in an hour for an extrra large hawaiian barbeque pizza, plus a free one topping - half mushroom, half olive, for the same credit card.

also, i couldn't recognize the voice on the phone from omx that called me, though it sounded yanceyish. i totally forgot that the new store manager, Kirk, is starting today. WAY TO MAKE A FIRST IMPRESSION! WOO!
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we just dove into the final hour for 2006. overall, methinks it was a year of accomplishment, as i am certainly different than i was when it began.

- at (almost) age 31, i went to college for the first time, to major in nursing.

- after thinking i would never perform music live again, i was asked to join Electric Doormat.

- although i had always pictured myself singing or playing guitar - MAAAYBE bass - i became an honorary Keyboard Player.

- i think i kissed one boy this year. i kissed no girls. no, wait! i did.

- contrary to what i thought was going to happen this year, i still have all of my parental units (though it came close at times, and their health is certainly not better by any means.)

- i after three quarters, i changed my major from nursing to music, deciding to follow my passion before something i wouldn't mind doing for the rest of my life. nursing can always come later.

- i strengthened some of my friendships, thusly giving me the tightest, favoritest, most heart-special circle of friends i think i have ever had.

- i put on 40 lbs. meh.

- i grew my hair from short and spiked and bright red to chin length and dark red with black streaks.

- i began to realize i have emotional issues, and have taken steps to repair this. well, sorta.

i know that i'm being dumb and forgetting something REALLY IMPORTANT OMG, but what can you do? i decided to stay home tonight, by myself!!, play some ffxii, and drink a beer or two. my brother said it was sad that i was spending new years eve alone, in my pajamas and mismatched socks. my retort was that if i was happy and content with what i was doing, how is that sad? i didn't want to get raging drunk. i didn't want to be surrounded by a hugillion people that i don't know and don't even talk to more than twice a year anyway, and i didn't want to deal with lack of transportation to go somewhere else, and wanted to sleep in my own bed. the day after tomorrow begins my hectic schedule again - four college level classes + work + band...

much love to you all. i hope you have a wonderful and safe and content (for you!) new years.