January 2nd, 2007

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i don't know why i tried to fight it - i knew my sleep schedule was going to be screwed up due to going to sleep around 3 to 4 a.m. every night. I still tried to go to bed early - climbed under the covers at 9 p.m..... and fell asleep around 2:30. Alarm goes off at 4:30, so if my caculations are correct, then all I need is one two hour sleepless night, a full day of school and work, waking up again at 4:30 and another full day of school, and my sleeping schedule will be as good as new.

But sheesh, will the next two days suck.

I hate that I don't have my Spanish books or my bus pass yet, but all that will be taken care of today - oh yes. I don't have piano class until tomorrow, so no worries about picking up my whopping $5 book yet.

Each time that the quarter starts, I get into tiny frenzies thinking that something will go awry or I forgot to do something and I will thusly not be receiving a student check. I even hold my breath a bit while the person behind the folding table takes my proof of attendance and thumbs through countless F to L's to find Keating. If I don't get the check, boy will I be ska-REWED. One slightly tarnished soul to sell for Spanish text books, por favor.

Aiight, aiight. Maybe not a SOUL. I just might need that later.

My hair has also grown to that annoying length. Any of you who have had short, spiky hair and have grown it back out know the feeling of EW that you get once your hair is long enough to LAY on the back of your neck again. it's all i can do to not shave it. I have instead resorted to putting them in low ponytails kickstands in order to just get my hair the hell off my neck. My hair isn't long enough for one ponytail yet, nor long enough to form adorable low pigtails, so kickstands it is.

Sleeeeepeeeee. Eyes already feel like the lids are rimmed with cotton.
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tee hee! the first tape i ever bought with my own money:

i think i was... twelve, maybe? i had just discovered the wonder of boys AND metal, so I of course, thought that Mark Slaughter was the YUM.


i hear the wind is calling, my lonely, lonely soul...


long long day. By the end of the day, it amazed the hell out of me that it was still Jan 2. I have teachers that are much stricter on attendance than the previous ones, if that can be believed.

Went shopping, bought new work pants and shoes (GIANT. MAN. PANTS. say it with me now....) and some papaya extract, b-vitamins, and st. johns wart from GNC.

had a productive day at work, the store manager was appreciative. i would tell the faboo story about him and the curb, but i'm too sleepy.

love to yous.
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and one more thing, then I SWEAR I'm going to bed.

I generally don't do these, but I laffed and laffed. Maybe it's sleep deprivation.

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