January 4th, 2007

disco star

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favorite quotes from band practice this evening:

(talking about drummer mike's whereabouts)
avery: he's, like, in another continent - florida.


ben: aubrey, i would love for you to have a big rack.
(alas, in regards to having a giant keyboard rack filled with keyboards, not boobs.)

i missed the boys and had great fun. got to meet the new bass player, jacob, he's swell.

remember those laurell k. hamilton books i bashed recently? i'm sad to report that i'm now addicted to her awful writing. dammit.

speaking of dammit, i plan on rewriting blink 182's song about a duck named janet. "i guess this is growing ducks..." i daydream about it all the time whenever it comes on my mp3 player. shuttup. yes, it's a silly lame song to have, but it keeps me sappy happy on my long walks. don't tell anyone i like the killers, either, or it's your ass.

It's alright / to tell me / what you think / about geese
did you hear / he plucked her?
A day late / a duck short..

thought i was going to have an easy quarter although i was taking four classes. schyeah. tons of memorization and practice PraCticE PRACTICE needed in all of them. Well, except for music theory ii, but that's the one that has all the homework.