January 13th, 2007

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Just got home from watching Primevil, which a coworker had chosen to see. Not THAT bad of a movie, and as far as movies with giant crocodiles are concerned, it just may be one of the best. I was quite surprised to see one of the actors was the guy that does the voice for the beloved Balthier. I hoped he would keep talking and talking but, um.. off camera, please. Heavenly voice to be connected to Balthier Bunansa, not so much to see it in person. I just hope that I don't see the The Man Behind the Voice every time I play FFXII now. That sounds totally rude. He's not Quasimodo or anything, but I liked having The Voice connected to Hott Sky Pirate. Kind of like how sometimes since I watched a behind the scenes special on Family Guy, when I watch it now and I hear Peter Griffin talk, I see in my mind's eye Seth MacFarlane making the face he does when he talks like Peter.

Maybe it's just me.

Had fun at work. Yancey kept playing jokes on Jessalyn and I. I saw ajcrb for a few mo mo. Yes, Andrea. I don't know where or why I picked it up, but for some reason I keep saying "in a mo-mo" lately instead of "in a moment." I'm quite certain everyone around me is ready to stuff a sock in my face.

The door to the break room is now locked near the restrooms. Totally knew that was going to happen, and know that it's for a good reason, but feel bad nevertheless, as if it is all totally my fault. Well, IIIIII got MYYYYYY purse stolen, therefore, we have to clock out on one corner of the store and dodge customers to the complete other in order to get to the break room. Ugh. I still haven't received a replacement lock for my locker (though I've been keeping EVERYTHING in my pockets that I bring to work with me, which causes lots of sexy bulging. At least this time, if someone wants my phone or card, they have to knock me down and wrestle it away from me.

Call me paranoid.

Played Sims 2 yesterday - as soon as I moved in, people came over to welcome me to the neighborhood. Jessie crashed the party and made all the other guests cry. He had happy little plus signs over his head but one by one whomever he talked to would walk into a corner and sob.

AAAAaaaand now I'm just rambling. Bed will be good.