January 14th, 2007


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I'm feeling all mushy and slightly drunk and filled with &hearts LOVE &hearts, and I generally don't do these sort of posts in my journal, but feel the burning need to do so tonight.

A happy birthday, my dears, to my dearest scrumbles.

Ben, Ben, Ben. It still blows me away how we're a part of each others' lives up here in the PNW, when we had known each other back in Phoenix. Our lives are so drastically different (and dare I say improved?) since those days. We've both grown so very much. I have been blessed to have you as a friend and a band mate. You're beyond talented in the world of music - I have never experienced your equal. I'm thankful beyond words that you allow me to be a part of your personal creation, your baby. I know that I've never been good at showing my affection and appreciation, or hell - at even communicating, but know that you mean the world to me.

You're extremely good people.
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Co workers managed to drag me out bowling tonight. I haven't bowled since I was in my early teens, mayhaps mid teens. So, basically, half a life time ago. I apologize if my sentences don't make a whole lotta sense, but I'm tipsy.

My sexy hives are back with one helluva vengeance, so I was drugged on Benedryl all day, which I then combined with two long islands (one small, neither very potent) and a mudslide. Benedryl works wonders, though it makes me loopy.

me (over radio at work): I know this doesn't make much sense, but it feels like the air is HUGGING me.

In the midst of my loopiness, I made my last big dumb purchase with my student funds: a Kodak 710 camera. I probably wouldn't have made the purchase if I hadn't been doped up on DRUGS, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. I can't seem to find my other camera, and while I know that I have a $40 one lurking somewhere that takes aiight pictures, it's kind of nice to have a heavier hitter, so to speak, that will allow me to flex my creative muscles. I also got it for $50 less than that, plus a free 512 SD card. Photography has been about the only "creative" thing that I've done in -forever-, so maybe this will motivate me to work on it some more. Thank you all for enjoying my prints.

I hate that they play Joan Jett performing "Bad Reputation" for the new American Choppers season. Everytime I hear it, I get slightly excited and look at the t.v., thinking they're showing something from "Freaks and Geeks". I have no idea why I still think that they will ever show anything about that on television again, alas. F&G, how we loved you.

I'm quite itchy and very thirsty, so methinks I shall drink a bucket of water (give or take) and go to bed.
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Drew: Will it be the number one or the number two?
Ashlee: Onion.

Went to Red Robin with Drew/Ash/Roommates and had awful service for the second time in a row going there. Any time I would try to get the waiter's attention, he would pointedly NOT look at me. He came only when there was food to be delivered, which meant that we never got more water. We ordered a banana daquiri and a regular marguerita, and got a banana marguerita and what looked like a mashed potato daquiri that tasted like ice. When I asked (pleasantly, I'm generally one that will eat something even if it's done wrong) to get the drinks done correctly (I wasn't going to pay $14 for something that wasn't drinkable), the waiter LAUGHED at me "yeah, you said banana marguerita! HAWHAWHAW." No. When I ordered, you said "a... banana marguerita?" and I replied with "No - a banana daquiri and a regular marguerita." I tipped him a dollar on my $20 tab, and still felt I was being overly generous. Seriously - even the one time he came by our table and asked if we needed anything else: Drew: more fries! Waiter: okay! Jessie: another tea! Waiter: okay! Aubrey: napkins? *waiter looks away and leaves* When it came time for him to deliver the tab, he handed mine to me and talked to me as if i were three years old. "Okay, and when you're ready to pay [said with giant eyes and in very pointed enunciation] I will be your cashier." When it DID come time to pay, he was on a break.

And last night at the bowling alley, when I closed my tab, it was $8.50 instead of $4.75. I asked the bartender why it was four bucks more than it should have been, and she became virtually enraged, saying that I ordered their top notch large long island, when I had their tiny little one. Um, no. The waitress came over and officially corrected her, thankfully, and came to my aid later, too, when I came back and said that I wanted their medium sized long island. "We don't HAVE mediums." "UM, yes you do. It's seven something."


Hee. I sound like such a snoot, whining about how it's so hard to get good service anymore, when I know that people have off days and that things get busy and all, but sheesh. At least I'm getting better at standing up for myself instead of just taking it - I'm quite convinced that even a year ago, I would have just paid the $8.50 (plus a dollar for a tip) instead of argued it.

Anyhoo. Tangent.

Watched Taladega Nights, it was much better than I had anticipated. Not absofreakingtodieforawesome, but fun.

Yeah. Thought I had something more to report, but I don't. Sorry to anyone who may have received a bajillion text messages from me over the last 24 hours - must be something wrong with something up here, as most people I know (on different providers) were not receiving texts, receiving the same text ten times immediately, or receiving the initial message over an hour after it was sent, and then randomly throughout the evening. (I was still receiving the same text after text today from my brother asking about details regarding were I was going bowling last night.)

I also keep shocking Bacci really BAD on the nose. Sorry, girlie. The last one had her shaking her head for quite awhile afterwards.