January 16th, 2007

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on my way out the door and into the snow. over an hour commute ahead of me to school - i'll be mightily unhappy if i get there and it's cancelled.
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My adventure today:

I leave home at just before 7 a.m. to catch the bus. It's just starting to snow heavily, and there is still only a little amount of snow on the pavement and I can easily wheel my backpack down the street. About the only place the snow is sticking is on the pavement, barely on the grass.

I reach the bus stop and the snow is coming down quite heavily. I keep thinking that there's no way on earth that there will be school, but am afraid to just go home because if there IS school, that will be three of the four days I can miss this quarter before I start losing letter grades.

When I get to the downtown bus depot, I don't see anyone there that I normally do that catch the 25 past Clark, so I decide to just go home - alas, I miss my bus home by half a minute, so I figure I might as well make an appearance, just in case. When I get back to the 25 stop, the whole slew of the regular bus riding crew is there, so I figure that it's a go.

We arrive on campus and I show up to my Spanish class just as the instructor was telling the ONE student that showed that he would cancel the class, but thanks for coming. I was the only other student to show until after the professor left, when another class mate showed up and cursed up and down that she had come all this way and they couldn't even bother to have class. A faculty member standing nearby stated that they weren't closed yet, but since there wasn't anyone there to teach and no one there to learn...

I go to the cafeteria and eat a hot bowl of clam chowder and read some Jordan. I swing by the music building on my way out - again, just in case! - and all the lights are off. Professor Trousdale saw me and a couple of others and stated "The few! The brave!" I head out and stand at the bus stop.

Twenty minutes goes by and a couple of younglings are waiting with me, informing me about how their basketball tournaments will be closed. When we arrive back to the downtown depot and wait... and wait... finally my bus home arrives, but she informs us that a lot of the buses are no longer running and she has no idea if this one will leave again.

Great. So I'm stuck in downtown Vancouver in heavy snowfall with a dollar in cash and no card, no way to get home. I begin to panic a bit as I see bus after bus show up to drop people off with their closed signs up.

Thankfully, to make a short story long, after another twenty minute wait and a panicked call to my mother, we got to leave. stanieldaniel calls when I'm almost home and I share how my backpack is now acting like a snow plow because the snow had gotten considerably deeper. I drop off my stuff, pee like mad (it was if being on the warm bus thawed out my bladder, it hit that suddenly), grab my camera and head outside.

Over a hundred pictures later and after a walk around the block, I came home. I was almost afraid I had done permanent damage to my feet, they hurt so durned much, not to mention weather damage to my new camera because the snow started coming down HARD again about 2/3 of the way through my trek. I had fun playing with the different settings and such, and shall have some up for you later.
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