January 24th, 2007

raven bunny

tired of this sequence of digits

The day has been a mix of bad and good. I shall not go into details, but know that it's been a very weird one at the least. Quite eventful, but again, some personal demons are involved, so I will not be airing them anytime soon. Well, maybe.

I just got word that ELECTRIC DOORMAT may be playing the ROSELAND on April 28th. As this was the first place I ever saw a live band, back when I was a mere pup of fifteen, which caused me to IMMEDIATELY know what I wanted to be when I grew up (rockstar, yes.), I feel that it's quite poignant.

I hope it happens, oh yes I do.

Slept through Spanish today, which means that I can only miss one more day of school this entire quarter and then I start losing whole grades for attendance. Yes, this was part of the whole bad thing. Weird dreams involving a lot of video game and super hero like travel through woods and oceans (thank you, George Clooney, for helping me pack my bread so it wouldn't get wet underwater) and watching an SNL skit involving Eddie Murphy, Rick James, and a couple of other guys in tight, tiny spandex costumes doing a hilarious dance. I was quite sad to wake up and realize it didn't exist, cuz boy howdee, was I laughing in my sleep.

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I'm watching American Idol, but don't tell anyone.

Well, crap. There was something else I wanted to add, but I can't think through this pounding headache.