January 25th, 2007


Why is it so hard to come up with a subject line?

Aaaahhh, a new day.

I always scoffed at the people that said that insomnia is frequent in the older generations, until I hit a certain point recently where I cannot fall asleep until two hours or so before my alarm goes off, no matter what time I try to go to bed, nor how freaking exhausted I am.


Considering we're nearing the end of the fourth week of school, you would think that I would have been able to turn my sleeping schedule around by now.


The Music Department Powers That Be said that if we sign up as helpers for the jazz festival, we get extra credit for our music courses. A few students signed up for a day, I signed up for all three. Thusly, my next few days will be running around like mad, especially tomorrow when I school, jazz, and work in a solid, solid wall of time, to wake up uber early and make it back to Clark at 7 flipping a.m. on Saturday morning to work another three hour jaunt.


For the record, I really hate Norton Internet Security.
disco star

Mediocre people do exceptional things all the time.

Donated blood today and feel sleepy and stoned. My brother wants me to drink a beer, so I shall.

Discovered by talking to students outside of my Spanish class that Calvert is apparently thee worst Spanish teacher to take evur. I find him hilarious, but I hear that it comes down to his horrible tests, of which I have one tomorrow AND Monday.

Was terrified to see that I didn't have a harmonic notation test today, but a SIGHTSINGING. I have never even LOOKED at the material. You can bet your bottom dollar that I was flabberghasted when I got a 100%. Just imagine solfeggio coming out of my mouth and a VERY perplexed look crossing my face as I went through it. I have been so worried about doing horrible in this class, when every single time I tested, I get an A. Received back my interval quiz (95%) and my melodic dictation (100%). Maybe I shall pool all my extra credit, then, into music theory or maybe even piano.

Was a cashier at the jazz festival. It was adorable, seeing all those high schoolers singing on stage in their precious little outfits. I even got to leave 45 min early to donate blood. A guy from my psych class last quarter was right after me, so we chatted about what a wonderful teacher Dr. Kathy is.

Apparently, I carry a woozy gene that causes me to get head rushes and (possibly) pass out after donating blood. The first time I donated, back in '94 in St. Paul, MN, I stood up and promptly passed out, but I had accredited it to not eating all day. I had a lot of protein today and little caffeine, and stuffed myself full of carby goodness last time, and both times I felt FUNKAY after finishing. Makes me feel silly as they're all pawning over me, handing me glasses of juice and cookies, but they say they have giant linebackers of men pass out completely on them all the time.

I was also apparently quite sleepy this morning, as I accidentally locked my last post so no one could comment. Woops.