February 8th, 2007


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whaaa? anna nicole smith died?


edit: egads, after peeking at my friends list, I see that everyone and their aunt bertha posted about it already. This is mainly a note for my journal for future reference for me. Yes, I could private-ize it, and thusly you wouldn't have to see yet another post about it, but I don't wanna, so there.

I wonder if TrimSpa is shaking in their legal boots until the official cause of death is confirmed.
dib headphones

my beats per minute's never been the same

Two songs that... if you're in a bad mood, you just have to sing them and it's all better*. Adding a dance to it improves your chances of merriment.

It also works best if you get someone to sing it with you.

* well, maybe not ALL better, but it's hard to stay bitter. Course, my moods change quickly, generally, and I have a short attention span, so all you have to do is dangle a shiny song in front of me, and I'm good to go. It helps they play both songs on muzak at my work, along with a TON of Barenaked Ladies, Weezer, and Ezra.

Honorable Mention:

Listening to this song makes me miss karaoke. I used to do this song for competitions. Oh, am I cheesy.