February 11th, 2007

cat painting

the echo there of me and you, the voices that are carrying this tune...

Bad and weird dreams last night. Dreamed that I did ecstasy with my coworkers. Dreamed later on that I watched friends get sliced to bits by a boobie trapped hall filled with razor sharp wires. Someone put me in charge for some reason, and I was then responsible for helping everyone else get out alive. My decisions caused them to live or to die. I was frantic and couldn't figure out why they felt IIIII could get them to safety. That dream was so realistic, I could still feel my splattered friends gore on me for hours upon waking.

Worked long shifts yesterday and today.

That is all to report.

OOH, except I got the tickets for our Roseland show on April 28th. Tickets are $12 each, most likely more at the door. We really desperately need the support for this one, folks.