February 12th, 2007


just want to let you know that I'm still a fan... get it?

Something I forgot to add in yesterday's post:

I rarely work Sundays anymore. Not for any religious reason, I'm just spoiled when it comes to my schedule. Apparently, Sunday is Honorary Tweakers Go Shopping for Electronics Day. I had no idea. Neither did anyone else, except for the tweeekers that filled our aisles throughout the days.

Went to Fridays after work with Char, 'twas fun. I'm too entirely tipsy off of one rum and diet.

Bad dreams again last night, though the only thing I can remember from them is a part where my band mates hated me and screamed at me all throughout practice and threw things in anger.

Enjoyed playing WoW recently with idioscosmos. (Lothar, reprezent!)

Spent all work days recently laughing my ASS off. Yancey cracks me up most. I shall hate it when he goes and gets a real job. "This looks like... poooo." me: "you and your knots." yancey: "yes, I'm knotty." jessie: "tell yancey that since he is studying to be a biologist, he should be able to sense if you have any in stock." yancey: "yes, we have three.... and a tiger on aisle seven."

Oooh, and I have yet to make it to the mall to pick up my copy of FFVI Advance. My ultimate fave out of all of them FOREVER. I shall use my Celes icon in adoration of it all.

Um... yup, that's about it.