February 13th, 2007

disco star

Point to point, connect the dots...

I had planned on accomplishing the world when I got home, but by the time I drug my backpacked self through the front door... all I want to do is sleep. Five is late for a nap, so instead I shall try to keep myself awake for the next three hours or so and then possibly call it an early night. I should practice my ear training, cuz GAW, do I need it. I always say I need it, but then end up getting good grades on my tests, funny how that works. I even did such a good job on my last rhythmic dictation test that I got an exclamation point !!! in the extra hard section that I aced completely, and that most of the class bombed. I still got an 85%, though, which was the same as Brittany, the girl I sit next to. (Damn overachiever - girl's getting her high school diploma AND her first Associates within the next six months.) I found it funny that I bombed the top half of the quiz and she bombed the bottom - extra proof we don't cheat off each other's paper.

I had been stubborn and resolved to NOT buy toilet paper for the house - I work at OfficeMax and both of my other roommates work at Target, so it seems OBVIOUS who should bring it home. (We have been using Kleenex for a week.) Daniel got home right now with two tubs of American Idol ice cream and two GIANT bags full of tp. My anus is happy. I can almost feel it smile.

My brother says I look nice today in the sweater he bought me, and that my hair looks nice, too. Funny, because I never even brushed it. I am terribly lazy in the mornings, you see, so I usually get out of bed ten minutes or less before I leave for the day. (Today, it was two minutes.) I do my bathing and stuff at night, sometimes washing my hair in the mornings if I wake up with a 'fro from sleeping on wet hair. I never have been one to take forever to get ready for anything - even when I wore a ton of make up and semi did my hair, it would still take me thirty minutes to be ready, including a shower. All that AND I like video games and hate shopping? I'm single again... why? ;)

In order to keep ourselves awake, it looks like we're going to the maul. Not to do any real shopping, you see. We generally hang out in the video game stores, sometimes book stores, and get bubble tea. I'm kinda hongray, too.

Or, we will be leaving, as soon as my brother is done tryiing out the new toilet paper.
bwa kawk

I can be myself... how bout you?

I love the power of live concerts, on so many levels.

I used to hate this song. Didn't care for it one lick.... until I saw it performed live. Now, it warms my heart whenever I hear it.

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Watching this made me sad that I skipped the Ezra concert when they came to town a couple of Mays ago.. or was it last May? We had seen Sloan live at Dante's (and met Peter Buck... sorta...) the week before, and it seemed like a giant pain in the cohones to go to another concert, so we stayed home. Granted, I've seen them live more than anyone else EVER, like eight times or more, but still. They always give a good show.

Still waiting to leave. Good thing that band practice was canceled today, my singing sounds like I gargled with razor blades.
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