February 22nd, 2007

bacci dress

And now the nations of the world, brought to you by....

I've been fighting like mad to get the next book in the series I'm reading (cheese work, I won't even tell you what it is), and finally got it in the mail two nights ago. I allowed myself to finish my book last night, to grab the next one in glee... and was completely lost in reading the description of the book... huh?!?! I look at the list of books and what order they were written in. Weelllllll, fuck. The one I was clamboring for is actually four books down, not the next one. Poopie. I DO like the very random fact that I had purchased a couple of short story books featuring stuff by the same author, and that when I started reading one last night, it randomly ended up being exactly where the book I finished reading left off and before the book I'm missing begins. This would have pleased me more greatly had the story been more than about ten pages long.

My shoulder and head are KILLING me. SRSLY. Taking a recoup day and taking a lot of drugs so that I may sleep the pain away. I'm also using this as an excuse as to why this entry may read a bit more shoddily than usual.

I find it weird that I'm gleefully excited for my birthday. Everyone keeps telling me that you stop caring after thirty, but I'm just as excited for my thirty second birthday (*cough*march19,7010ne44thcircleaptc,vancouver,wa,98661*ahem*) as I was for those in my early twenties - maybe even teens!

Bacci is out of heat, but being a little bitch. I really need to call JAWS and find out what's holding up her application to get her girlie bits ripped out.