April 5th, 2007


shave and a haircut....

So I got ANOTHER hair cut yesterday. No pictures to show yet, but I CAN say that it's short enough so that no matter how I move my head or how the wind blows, there is no way to get hair in my eyes. I CAN tell you that we're looking a bit shorter than the first time I chopped off all my hairs, which can be seen in the icon on this post. My hair is also currently 100% my natural color, something it hasn't been since.... well since the photo I linked to you was taken, and that was in March of '04.

I gave my work heart failure last night when I broke the news to them that I can no longer work Saturday nights as of the end of April. Between Electric Doormat performances and choir performances, I would be able to work one saturday out of ten, so... it's best that I let them know now so that they can find someone for me to train to do the ad every week. I've done the ad every single week that I've worked for the last TWO YEARS. Supervisors Liz and Yancey freaked out, exclaiming they didn't have anyone else competent enough to do the ad every week. I told them that it's too bad, they have a couple of weeks to choose someone. Besides, if I end up taking the summer off of employment, they'd need to do that, anyway.

Um... nothing else to report, really. School is going and is going well for the most part. I need to get Bacci some new food as I tried to feed her something more healthy and she HATES it.

I also hate this time of year because it's COLD when I leave in the morning (well, 42 degrees, I suppose I can survive w/o a coat) and then will be 75 by the time I hit work, which has become HOT to me. I'm already hating the weather.