April 6th, 2007

disco star

Electric Doormat News

I've been meaning to make this post for awhile now, but my fantastic Larrissa made it for me:

clicky here for tracks from Evil Genius to peruse, by Electric Doormat, of course.

I love to point out to people that this album was recorded almost entirely by Ben alone in his bedroom. Take THAT!

I sing on "Millions Die", "Skeleton in Silhouette", and "The Loss of Life".

When we come out with Types of RocksEP, it will be the first album featuring all of us: Ben, Avery, James, Mike, and myself. I'm quite excited about this.

We're in the process of putting together some stickers and other stuff for you to have.

Reminder: we now have tickets for our April 28th show, which is to be a HUGE one for us: The Roseland Theater in Portland!!! Tickets are $12. There will be several bands on two stages, but alas, I don't know any of them yet. We need the support!!

Note to self: I need to talk to Ben about setting up an email mailing list type thing and need to check out some open mic's in the area for possible duet promotional stuff (as the other three members of the band are too young to get into a bar. D'oh!)

And, in case i haven't shoved it down your throat enough, ADD US TO YOUR MYSPACE!