April 18th, 2007

disco star

Impending Doom II

In case some of you were wondering where a butt load of my icons came from:

This was the only episode I could find online, as everyone's getting their panties all in a wad for copywrited material. Stupid panties.

IN other news, my wisdom tooth is KILLING me. SRSLY. It started hurting on Sunday when I flossed the damn thing. I'm excellent at flossing, you see, but for some reason, I guess my floss just doesn't make it all the way back. My tooth hath retaliated, and now it's extremely hard to eat or swallow.

I shall spend the day on pain killers. OH YES.
disco star

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I could have sworn I had done this since November, but I'm too lazy to go hunt for it, since I didn't put a tag. So there.
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It came to my realization recently that I still don't have everyone's numbers into my phone that I used to text message before my purse (and old phone) were stolen. If you would like to receive random text messages from me (and oh are they random at times!)....

Poll #968989 Text Messaging - ahoy!!

Gimme your digits!!! And tell me a secret!

I took some oxycodone for my tooth, and WOW i'm flying. Therefore, my Engrish isn't well and my journal responses may be a bit skewed today. So there.

And I promise never to call if you give me your number, only text message. I fear the phone, I do.
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