April 21st, 2007

disco star

Sweet dreams aren't made of these...

Weird dreams last night.

I remember dreaming of the X-Men and how Jean Grey betrayed all of them, getting some of them killed. Only I knew that Mystique had taken over her SOUL (not her mind) and that although she was acting under Mystique's actions, a very big part of her felt relieved and had wanted to do it all along.

Change scene.

I was in school (like high school) and thought I had made a friend or two. I saw a couple of them out of school and I went bounding up with my books and climbed in her car, as she didn't say a word to me, but left to talk to another one of my "friends". "What is SHE doing here, and why is she in my car? I can't freaking believe this. Is she doing Tommy? Who does she think she is?!?" I was able to listen in on the conversation from a distance. I realized that I could listen to any conversation and went around school, paying close attention to what everyone said. Whenever I walked by, or even when I wasn't in sight, they all stated how they didn't like me, but felt sorry for me. I realized that I never really had any true friends, that I've been alone all along.

Change scene.

I was in college and some of the guys are trying to get me drunk to get me into their sorority (why I was able to get into a guy's sorority is beyond me). I remember the books and the halls and how beautiful the building structures were, and I was sad that things that could be used for such GOOD, such KNOWLEDGE, were being completely ignored, the masses oblivious to the opportunities they had.

Change scene.

I had a new roommate, a guy. I was explaining to him about Bacci. She gets cranky. She hasn't been fixed yet, sorry. She doesn't eat human food. No, not because I don't allow her to eat it, but because she doesn't like it. (He was relieved that he wouldn't have an animal begging from him whenever he would eat.) I remember leaning back in my computer chair, mess all around me, my blubber practically flowing down the sides of the chair.