April 25th, 2007

disco star

Stands to reason that the passing seasons will slowly dull regrets...

OFF day, holy mackeral.

~ Having a REALLY bad hair day. Whenever roommates all need to be to work/school at the same time but aren't aware of each others' schedules, people get left out of the bathroom, which ended up with me relying on hair gel to try to cover up the fact that I didn't cleanse it. I look like a man with boobs.

~ Haven't been able to sleep lately, I just cannot seem to fall asleep. To combat this, last night I took Benedryl + wine, which promptly knocked me on my ass..... and resulted in NOT being able to wake up this morning. Missed the bus so walked to a different bus station, where I promptly missed that bus, too. Instead, I got coffee and ate my breakfast bar and waited for the next one. Realized how HELL I looked like, as the girls that work at the Shell station I frequent remarked "Wow, Aubrey, you look EXHAUSTED this morning, are you okay?" (I always cheesily love it when people know my name at places I shop.)

~ Made it to the bottom of the hill on the other side of Clark, four minutes before my first class would start. Realized that I have a GIGANTIC test this morning that I'm not ready for (with no extra time to study or read up on quickly, as I would be late to class and the test would have already started), as well as homework due in my other class that I do not have done.... I crossed the street and grabbed the next bus home.

~ Need to do bucketfuls of homework by tomorrow morning as there's a test in Music Theory and that's the cut-off for turning in late homework. I would rather have a ton of homework that gets ten points off each for being late, than a buttload of zeros.

~ Still need to begin my paper on Maurice Ravel, due on Monday.

~ Need to finish cleaning the livingroom and rearranging the furniture for the couch and chair I will be getting tomorrow from a coworker. This and my homework must be done before I leave for work in... *looks at clock* four hours.

~ I wish I could call in too busy for work.

~ Have NO idea why the smoke alarm started going off like MAD. It bleeped a ton of times in a row... shut off... and started bleeping madly again... and now, nothing. Welp, guess it ended up being Jessie's alarm clock.

It's not just that I'm selfish and scared,
it's not just that I'm sooo unprepared.
It's just you'd think I'd grow out of this, wouldn't you?

Band o the Day: Death Cab for Cutie

Inspired by someone's post, I wanted to bring you some music from the only band that I have fallen in love with since music theory classes has ruined popular music for me.

This video quite reminds me of the day I'm having:

One of my absolutely favorite songs to listen to on my transits:

Cause in my head there's a greyhound station
Where I send my thoughts to far off destinations
So they may have a chance of finding a place
where they're far more suited than here

Collapse )
(Why does it NOT surprise me that his name is Ben?)

And it would be wrong of me to NOT include The Postal Service in this broadcast....

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disco star

Back to back, sacroiliac?


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So very VERY very tired, I could sleep easily - even after a 20 oz coffee, a giant cup of spicy good earth tea, a sugar-free Wired, and a can of diet dr. pepper. Only an hour left until I have to leave for work, and the livingroom almost looks worse than when I started, and the homework won't do itself. (dumb homework.)

Whenever I listen to Bang Tango now, I always think of the evening I discovered how short rock stars are. It was around '99 or so, and I went down to the Mason Jar in Phoenix to see Pretty Boy Floyd, Bang Tango, Bulletboys, and Enuff Z'Nuff play. I can't remember who I was watching on stage, but I glanced to my right and saw Joe LeSte. I had to do a double take, because WTF, mate, I'm like a foot taller than him! Okay, maybe not a FOOT, but... quite taller, and I'm 5'7" (though I think this was back when I wore VERY tall shoes a lot...) I was flabberghasted and didn't know what to say to him, so I just tapped him on the shoulder and muttered "I'm very proud of you." He, of course, looked at me and laughed "Proud? Whatever for?" I can't remember what I responded, maybe something to the effect that he had been around so long and was still staying the course.

But to make a short story long, I remember seeing members of the other bands roaming around and realizing I was either as tall as, or taller than, the majority of them. The only exception were a couple of the PBF boys.

Aaaand, that's the end of my pointless story. Apparently, I'm a giant in some circles.
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