April 29th, 2007


Doo doo doo doo dit doo.....

This is me last night, singing onstage at THE ROSELAND THEATRE OMGZ.

Ben invited me up to sing on "Return", thusly making the dream I have held for seventeen years come true, in a sense. It meant so much to me.

My camera was being a bitch, so not much turned out on the picture front, but a few I really like, so I shall post those later. In the meantime, I must go slave over a hot register until 7 pm.

Great fun was had last night, though. I was nervous about seeing the boys for the first time since quitting the band (OMG, how NERVOUS. I was almost vomitous with the nervous shakes, I was!), but they welcomed me with open arms. Oh, how I miss them. As I told Larrissa, it was much like running into an ex boyfriend and realizing that you are still in love with them, will always BE in love with them, but know that it won't work out.

Thank you to all that came last night.

Tickets were attempted to be purchased for the upcoming Nickel Creek show there, as it's most likely their last tour (if they're still breaking up this year as planned....), but the ticket machine jammed. Maybe it's a sign?

Drewshlee, Jessiel, and I went to TGI Fridays afterwards, where ENTIRELY too much food and drink was to be had. I never drink anymore, (though I seem to be saying that a lot lately!) so.. after four drinks (including the beer at home before we left), I did the thing where I drank so much I couldn't sleep in, thusly bedding at 3am and waking at 730, dying of thirst, and OMG needing to pee. I am certain I shall hate work tonight because of it.
disco star

yoga, stairs, and old old me.

Now that I'm up and moving around as I get ready for work, I realize just HOW hungover I am. Eesh. I feel like I have the flu, I du! Not that you CARE, but just so you KNOW, I've pooped so entirely more than I thought the human body could hold, and I so don't feel like I'm done, which shall make for an interesting half hour walk to work. Yesh.

I also feel like I've been hit with a truck, a massive headache combined with shoulder and thigh pain. Must be a combination of the five minutes of the yoga video I did yesterday (until Bacci threatened to eat my face if I put it in her range of attack one more time), plus just how many times I went up and down the stairs at the Roseland.

The final two times I did it... for those of you having never frequented this venue, we played upstairs. There are two places to play, and enough stairs to give the downstairs lots of breathing room, if you catch my drift. I have sucky knees, now that I'm OLD (it's like I turned 30 and the first thing to go was the cushioning under my kneecaps), so each jaunt was... not pleasant. Add that to the fact that I'm about as far from being in shape as you can be and not constitute rolling over in bed as a severe workout, and... yeah. So I'm out back with Ben and Avery, and Ben asks if I can go find James. I go back up the stairs in the back, around the corner and up more stairs... through the venue. No James, nor anyone I came with. So I go down all the front stairs and find The Gang. No James aki. I tell them Ben needs help loading, they say they have to go the long way, can I race back there and tell Ben that they're coming? Suuuure. So up the stairs, across the venue, and down the stairs I go.... and get there to tell Ben they're coming.... right as he's letting them in the back gate. Schweet.

Anyhoo. I had wanted to leave for work early so that I could eat lunch before I start, so I'd best get moving. (Unfortunately, it seems my bowels have the same opinion.)


Doormat videos for your perusal!

Taken by my dearest mosspiglet. Sorry, I'm just a bouncing blob with a white collar and cuffs, but you still get the idea. I couldn't hear myself and the audience couldn't really hear either of us, but I still wouldn't exchange it for the world.

And from my camera with the opening song, their instrumental entitled "Burn":

As I may have mentioned, my camera was being a butt, so it didn't take more of this at one shot. It was only after playing with it this morning that I discovered it was because I was saving everything to internal memory. I'm a dork.

Ah, well. I'll make sure to bring my camera to the next Doormat show I am able to attend and get better stuff.