May 5th, 2007

disco star

working on an inch less waistband in a stripmall wasteland

So here I sit, getting ready for the choral retreat. I did hear from Aubree last night around 9, after I was convinced that I was going to have to find the bus route there - IF a bus goes way the heck out yonder. We actually talked and giggled a lot on the phone and compared nicknames, and will thusly be creating an Aubrey Nickname Book.

Guess you had to be there.

Dreamed weird things last night, like an extremely realistic dream that I was falling all over the place and passing out and vomiting like mad. Couldn't respond to people around me, but was angry that they kept saying that I was drunk. Because I couldn't speak, I couldn't point out that I haven't drank in months. I was extremly suprised when I woke up, and can still feel the "weight" of people's fingers and hands on me as they tried to keep me from falling over.

Also dreamed I had this big party and The Flaming Lips were performing. I waved hello to msanborn, then was called over to a corner by idioscosmos. He gave me a giant hug and told me that he found my soul mate, and that he would do anything on earth to get us together. (Turned out my soul mate was the lead singer of The Flaming Lips. Who knew?)
disco star

Dona Nobis.... Pacem.

The retreat went much better than planned. I learned more parts and sang my throat out - I am now a horse. Erm, a little horse. Pony. NO - HOARSE.


I ache all over from standing and projecting all day.

Aubree was late in picking me up, which was fine as I was running late, anyway. We ended up taking a mini road trip out to Salmon Creek... when we needed to be in East Vancouver. Woops. We got a call from the teacher: "Good morning, Aubrey. *evil silence*" (it sounded SO very much like "Hello, Clarice.")

We talked about how much we loved our teacher, but how scary she can be sometimes. We knew that either she would be happy to see us when we got there, or aaaangry at us all day.

Thankfully, it was the former, not the latter.

Cheating on my diet today (NutriSystem, yo. In case I haven't told yas. Down 14 lbs, wee!), and the roommies seem to have gone to the beach, which means that we won't be doing El Presidentes. Maybe I'll hike down to Elmers and use the gift cert I got from them ages ago. I also have a ton of leftover hummus and salsa and guac that I took to the potluck, and nothing to eat them with. (Well, spoon, duh. I meant more of an edible vehicle, really.)

The house smells funny.
disco star

No one can wait forever under the blue-est sky.

I"m homeand drunk after drinking apiture of... stuff. It was at a party at El Presidentes (bad spanish! a cookie to anyone that can tell me WHY.) where daniel and I didnt know anyone other than each other. Many parties are to be had across the nation tonight, but I have a manditory 7 am meeting, as I've been complainign about all night, so therefore, it's to bed with ME.


I must pee.

I shall use my Balthier icon because I havne't been playing FFXII and i miss him.

oh how i hate being single smetimes.