May 6th, 2007

period FUN!

Guess what happened to ME today?!?!?!?.... not much, really.

The original plan for today:

`Go to mandatory meeting at 7 am.

`Dink around Vancouver Plaza and do homework until I had to go to work at 1 pm.

`Work four hours, make it home by six pee em.

`Write stupid Maurice Ravel paper.

This is what instead occured:

`Went to mandatory meeting at 7 am.

`Was begged by store management to work open to close.

`Worked from 7 am until 730 pm, running my ASS off all over the store.

`Met up with Jess and Dan and drove out to Camas to visit Mom for the first time in the nursing home.

`Grab a delicious garden burger at Burgerville.

`Come home and DIE.

.. it's 11 pm and my brain will SO not kick out a five page paper today. Hell, I can barely speak English anymore, so it's to bed with me.

It did feel good to be appreciated VERY much by management today. Was informed in front of all my coworkers by the store manager that I am by FAR THEE BEST ad setter he has ever seen or worked with, in his entire history of working retail, and that he feels that a better one doesn't exist. Informed many more times by Liz that she was beyond ecstatic and thankful that I stuck around, because she can't bear to close without me.