May 18th, 2007


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Happy birthday, my fabulous roommate and friend!

I'm beyond glad that we met.

I'm sorry I'm busy with work and school-quitting all day.


Welcome to MY decade! ;)

Love to stanieldaniel.

Also love to my karenberry.

You've been a fabulous lj friend over all these years.

I'm still confident that WE WILL MEET one day, I am.
raven bunny

can I get some fender thighs and a b'donk'a'donk butt?

I'm sorry that I haven't updated much of anything lately. Well, at least nothing of importance.

I had said that being 32 was going to be the year of reinventing myself, of rediscovering who I am. Unfortunately, during all of this, I have quit anything and everything that I had held dear, everything that had defined me up until now.

I'm just... recovering, I guess, and trying to decide what direction I want to go in next.

I will return.