May 31st, 2007

disco star

Another notation to be filed under "Why I Hate Humans"

We're on our way back from taking Bacci to the vet to get her stitches removed. We go to pull into our apartment complex parking lot...

... when we're rear-ended by some fucktard - HARD - who just drove off. We tried driving after him to get a plate number or SOMEthing, but couldn't find him.

There's shattered lights in the parking lot and only a couple of scratches on Dan's car, so we know that he hurt himself more than he hurt us, but STILL.


If you're driving around The 'Couve and see some jackass white boy in a doo-rag driving a beat up 80's grey car with a demolished front end and the windows down...

(I've also had the shakes really badly for the last few hours, and I need them to STOP. No, I haven't had too much caffeine, yes, I've eaten.)