June 9th, 2007

lawn gnome

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Closed with Manager Jason for the first time tonight - in fact, it was the first time that I had worked with him for more than an hour in the entire month that he's worked there.

It was an EXCELLENT night for my ego, as he kept saying how much the managers keep talking about me and how much he's heard and WHAT he's heard, as well as OMG HOW BEYOND excited they are to have me in my new position, ESPECIALLY the logistics team of Ted and Yancey that I'm going to. :D :D :D :D

So tomorrow is my first day in my new postion, working 9 - 530, then 6 am to 2, then 4 am to 1. It's nice that I'm being eased into my new 4 a.m. starting time, though I think I've stated this a million times already.

Blahblahblah. Nothing overly interesting to report. I wore my new work pants today. Rawk.

Craving me some Buffy.