June 10th, 2007


When will you find out if YOU get to go to jail?

Any particular reason why Bacci has BOOBIES now? They seem to be getting... bigger as each day goes by. Yes, she was fixed, which is why I'm perplexed and concerned.

Home from work, and eGADS did I make my moneys worth today. I worked HARD for the monay. It's day two of a hell weekend. I'm freaking BEAT. I was excited about moving to my new position, and tomorrow was supposed to be the first day of training... but they didn't schedule anyone, so I'm the cashier from 8 - 2, giving me only two hours before we open in order to have access to anything. No word on a raise, though Capt. Kirk seems hell bent on getting me SOMEthing, but the person who can approve it will be on vacation all next week.


My odd moment of clarity today: During a time where things were going INSANE with customers at work, every associate calling me to all corners of the building for assistance (more than the manager at times), it dawned on me:

I was the only person working the entire day and with everything going wrong today that has been employed with OfficeMax more than a month, manager included.