June 12th, 2007


Timmy tried to cook a turkey in the dishwasher!

Two thirty in the morning and I'm up for work, yaaaay!

Yancey will be here to pick me up in about an hour. In the meantime, I shall try to thwart my allergies' evil attempt at my ability to see and breathe, drink any caffeine I can get my mits on, and shove food down my maw.

The last three days at work? Hell. Well, I mean, I suppose I've had MUCH worse days, but we've been SO FLIPPING BUSY OMG that ... well, on our skeleton crew, it makes things quite harsh, it does. I'm hoping that it helps me seem an important worker, as I think my capabilities shine when all shit is hitting the fan.

I can multitask like nobody's bid'ness.

Planned on going to bed at six pm last night, but stayed up until a bit past seven, finally turning my light off at a little past eight. It was remarkably easy to get up... let's hope that all my other butt-thirty mornings are this easy.

I thought I had more to add, but I can't think through the wrath of the sinus godz.
disco star

We Americans sometimes forget that there are people ALL OVER THE WORLD that don't have a Pres. Bush.

Home and TIE-URD. I'm going to try my damnedest to pull up some superhero waking strength to keep me awake until at least 7 or so, so that I can work harder at changing my sleeping schedule around.

Came up with the eyeda (in my sleep deprived mind, this is how I automatically spelled "idea" - makes sense: eye. d. a.) to come in for just two hours tomorrow and two hours the next day - both starting at 6 am - to train with Muriel &hearts.

I think my cat is obsessed with me sometimes.

And in case you haven't figured it out already, for lack of a title, I have just been pulling what i hear off of the telly when it's time to post.