June 16th, 2007

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Captain Kirk, I do not believe that you cannot understand...

If you never thought I was cool before, know this:

I am 32 years old and am wearing Power Ranger socks this morning.

I, sadly, could probably also name at least ten rangers from episodes past.

Up for work, waiting for Ted to get here to take me. I need to shove food into my maw before going.

Star Trek is on TV Land. I keep meaning to watch these one day.

I also feel sort of sad, yet sort of chuckly, that I haven't eaten meat since May 1st, except for yesterday, when I made an exception for Spam.
cute kitty butt

I'm Mike Rowe, and this is my job.

I'm loving the 4 a.m. shift, I must say. Granted, it IS four a.m.; however, the fact that there are no customers until 8, 9, or 10 (depending upon the day) helps this factor immensely.

I ran my ass off today, and sweated buckets. I'm not a sweater, usually, at least not THIS much. Wowza. I'm thankful that I remembered to slather on the deodorant this morning (and so are my coworkers.) I lifted many things, threw lots of freight, climbed lots of ladders with the freight. If I were eating healthy, I'm quite confident I would lose weight in no time.

I was also hazed today.

Yancey calls me over the radio, "Aubrey, can you meet me in receiving? I need help moving a box." I head back and see Yancey standing behind a giant box. "Ted was helping me, but he had to go to the bathroom real quick." I opened my mouth to make a snarky remark about Ted and his bladder as I walked up to the box... and Ted jumped out of the box screeching "RAWR!!!" I squeeled, we all laughed, I remarked that now IIII needed to use the bathroom real fast. As I went back to what I was doing on the floor, I said over the radio, "It's okay, I know you wouldn't do it if you didn't CARE."

Apparently, we're getting in trucks that are about three times the size that they are normally, as our back to school season is starting. The last two years, they had seven - SEVEN!!! - associates working their tails off to keep up with the freight and merchandising resetting, and this year, we have THREE. Granted, I think that if anyone in the store can do it, it's us three (toot toot my horn, yesh.), but still. In the middle of all of this, I still need to find time to do all the price changes coming through, the defects, the known thefts, the corporate recalls, the vendor returns, the ... GAH. Apparently, they're going to give me one - maybe TWO! - days a week so that I can work on that stuff exclusively.

They had BEST give me one helluva raise. I find out next week (hope!) what and if I get one.

Oh how I love it when cats are suddenly clumsy, fighting tooth and nail to keep their footing. Unfortunately, Bacci jumped on my chair arm and slipped.. her nail just went so deep into my arm that it pulled my arm down to the floor when she fell.

Yes, I'm bleeding now.
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A work in progress...


A purse I am currently knitting. I get very lazy when it comes to crafts, while I am equally whining about how I wish I crafted more. We'll see just how long this project takes, as it's something I can totally use asap.

Taken with the phone camera, which is why it looks like dookie. The colors, as you can't really tell, are dark blue, dark red, and dark purple. I do want to add a dark green as well, but I can't seem to locate my yarn.


stanieldaniel made us all a fantastic dinner consisting of homemade waffles, fresh cantaloupe and strawberries, scrambled eggs with cheese, sour cream, and salsa.


Did I mention that whipped cream is involved? Delish.

I also now have the Invader Zim theme song as my ring tone. It's a cheap verison of it, true, but it's MIIINE.

I hope I can someday locate all my Zim eps. I miss them greatly.