June 22nd, 2007

disco star

Let's get you a traffic update now...

More weird dreams last night.

I was a junkie trying to score some... whatever my drug was. (It was something like heroin or meth, but I can't remember for certain.) I was at the beginning of my junkie days, meaning I still felt mostly sane and such, though I had run out of money and was going to trade sex for my drugs. Brad Pitt and Ed Norton showed up my house with the goods, but they were undercover cops. I sexed them (Brad Pitt had theeeee most disgusting penis EVUR, like a VERY slimy weird flap of skin) and took the drugs, but before I could do anything else, they staged an intervention with my family and friends (though I didn't really know anyone who showed up for it, just knew in my dream that they were family members, my father, my aunt, my best blonde friend from high school.) They handed me a green grape to pray over, symbolizing wine and all its evils.
disco star

Just a little loyalty would be nice, that's all.

Hey Queer Portland!!!

To defend queer rights

In response to the June 8th incident where 2 teenage girls were
kicked off the #12 Trimet bus and called "sickos" for kissing, the
queer community of Portland is uniting in protest. We are protesting
the driver's homophobic actions, and we are protesting Trimet's mild
response to the situation.

*********** The Great Kiss-In ************

Sunday, July 8th
2 pm
Outside of Trimet offices

(701 SW 6th Ave., b/t Morrison and Yamhill)

Come with your honey or come alone,

just come there and kiss someone!

Questions? Email greatkissin@yahoo.com