June 25th, 2007

bacci dress

What the chief did was unforgivable, sir.

It's almost eeeeeerie how many people on my friendslist had issues sleeping last night. Almost every other post (if not more) that I read of yours, involved bad dreams, panic, restlessness, unease. I'm sorry, my pretties. I send good jujubeeees in your direction.

I had planned on going to bed at noon yesterday, but didn't make it until one. (I had just ONE MORE QUEST OMG to finish in WoW-land before going... and then one more... and then since I was already in the area, I might as well do THOSE three...) I flopped around for FIVE HOURS before I finally gave up and came downstairs. No amount of camomile tea and Benedryl helped. I stayed up for two hours, then crashed... for four hours. I almost got up at midnight, but fell back into a fitful sleep until 3 a.m., when I finally came downstairs.

I'm going to take my nightly Benedryl (thank you, Daniel!) and drink the teensy bit of wine I have in the fridge in order to make another attempt at sleeping before Ted comes to pick me up around midnight tonight.

Television really, truly sucks between zero o'clock and minus-thirty in the morning. I've spent time flipping between videos on VH1 and old syndicated episodes of Coach, I Love Lucy, and Sanford and Son. I'm watching JAG for the first time ever right now, it isn't half bad.

In other news, I so wish I could do something to keep Bacci from going completely feral on people, especially my roommates. Jess and Dan would be totally scarred by now, if they didn't make it a habit to walk around downstairs with shoes on.

I never believed in the draft, so if you want out....

Aw, if I didn't feel appreciated before, my dear friend and ex coworker posted this as a response to a post I made in MySpace, regarding talking to one of my supervisors:

You'll get the schedule turned around. No worries :) I talked to Lizlast night and she was sayin' how great you're doing at the new job-she said you got everything done you needed to. You rock honey!

Makes me feel appreciated.

Though a raise would make me feel MORE appreciated ;) The store manager is now on vacation for the next week, and he's the only one that can process anything.