July 3rd, 2007

disco star

You're not saying anything nice to yourself.

Reading toongirl's post about working overnights, it makes me that much more thankful for my management, although it's only Ted and I, instead of the six or more people usually working the shift. We work well together.

Talked to Store Manager Captain Kirk today, he is having a meeting with the district manager regarding my pay raise on Thursday. (Pardon me, whilst I chew my nails nervously...) I told him I am severely hoping for a dollar an hour, considering how much I have exceeded everyone's expectations and how much the job has been kicking my ass. I also met the district manager - Mike Farmer - for the first time EVER a week or two ago, which is funny, considering I've been there for FOUR YEARS. I told Kirk to let him know how much I was impressed with him when I finally met him, and to give him a big bear hug for me. He laughed greatly, which is good, as the poor guy is beyond stressed. Our sales have been sucking lately, and apparently we have some really big person coming in at the end of the month to do an evaluation. I asked Ted if it was an evaluation to see whether or not we stay open, he didn't reply. Considering that we don't advertise at ALL (they refuse to play OfficeMax commercials in the area, saying word of mouth is good enough) and we don't even have our name on the plaza sign to let people driving by know we're there - PLUS two Office Depot opened up on either side of us - one a block away in one direction, another two blocks away in the other direction. Sales dropping is a no-brainer, if you ask me. (Not to mention that when Michael's moved to the other side of town, we lost a LOT of business - husbands were no longer browsing - and buying - while their wives were picking up yarn from next door.)