July 9th, 2007

disco star

I never miss.

Why in the HELL did I dream that I had sex with JEWEL?!?!? I had come home from work, and she was sitting in my living room, playing a piano she had brought with her. I looked at my brother and jerked a thumb in her direction. "Why is SHE here?" I asked with disdain. My brother shrugged and went back to reading. My brother left, Jewel said she was going to leave, but I made her take her clothes off first, and give me a little lovin.


Yanno - I had figured that one of my first lesbian dreams EVER wouldn't involve an artist I loathe. (If you even want to call her "an artist"...)

But then I went around in my dream, demanding anything with a penis have sex with me. I didn't like anyone's techniques.

One REALLY cool part of the dream, I walked into an outdoor like room and was aware I was dreaming. I put my dream on hold so that I could look around the room to pick up any symbolism in order to interpret later. I saw a chalk marking on the floor and kept reproducing it so that I would remember when I awoke.

Unfortunately, I remember nothing, other than it was in blue and orange. I think something like:


Was written repeatedly as the first part, and then a B... or something.

Anyhoo. Back to my game and a cup o tea. I'm finally getting used to making loose leaf tea - I'm putting in a good amount (less than I had thought I needed) so that it no longer tastes like dirt.
disco star

Lucky there's a man who positivily can do all the things that make us effin cry!

Slept like corn-filled poo today. Who the hell mows the lawn at three in the afternoon?!? Ingrates. Why can't they do it at 8 am like everyone else? Cheesh.

I thought I had something concrete to add to this.

I'm beginning to be massively afraid of my cat. She's tiny, but VICIOUS. I was on the receiving end of one of her outright FERAL attacks when I went to shut the back door (there being a cat outside). For the next hour or two, any time I would LOOK at her, she would haul out and attack me. I had hoped that getting her fixed and dewormed would have helped, but it's almost like she's WORSE now.

I mean, granted when she attacks my brother, his instinctual thing is to retaliate, which probably doesn't help things. (I freeze or back off and let her leave.)


I think the second most creepy thing I saw EVER in my entire lifetime was last night as Bacci was howling at me and crawling over the laundry basket from under the dining room table - from the dark came this howling, angry thing with glowing eyes, moving ever so slowly with intent on my doom.

The first, you ask? The day I hit the biker and saw a human splayed across my windsheild, arms akimbo, with the look of "OH MY CRAP" on their face, as we screamed in fear at each other through the glass. It was a total Griswold moment.