July 11th, 2007



So I hear today that Newport Bay AND the movie theater will also be moving out of my work's plaza.


That makes a total of... them, Bed Bath & Beyond, WinCo, and... possibly Barnes & Noble to move from our plaza, within the next year and a half. Combine this with the loss of Michael's a year ago (which so hurt our sales) and (to a lesser extent) JoAnne's... That leaves us pretty much with Target and Hollywood Video. Ooh, and a dollar store. Combine all of THAT with the fact that I peeked at our recent sales and we're only making about half of what all the other stores in the district are (awful, as we're the largest!!), the fact that we're having a major visit at the end of the month for an "evaluation" that has the store manager fuhREAKING out, and the fact that instead of having a concrete date for our remodel (September 28), they said "uh... sometime in the future... or something."... doesn't look promising for OfficeMax Store 0255.

Or my job.

Granted, it would take at least a year (hope) for all of this to happen, which hopefully means job security until then. But I would not only then have to find another job, but I would no longer work with the people I do now. This makes me sad.

I still don't know what I want to do with my life.

In other news, excited to get to see scrumbles and mosspiglet for a bit in a few hours, though it will probably be only a teensy bit. I miss them, I do.

It's almost as if working overnights is some sort of a... lab experiment, to see how human beings will react. Thank DOODNESS I get along well with Ted - I can't imagine how I would cope if I was stuck only ever seeing someone I loathed. Ted for eight or so hours a day, sometimes Yancey for four, morning crew for ten minutes, roommates for maybe ten minutes a day...

I generally can't make noise on my "days" off, as any noise I makes carries into the bedroom of my sleeping roommates. While brosely can sleep through a dancing bull on the bed, stanieldaniel is a light sleeper. Sigh. This keeps me from accomplishing much on my days off, other than WoW or FFXII or movies and knitting. (You would think I would have my purse done by now, but noooOOOOoo, I'm still only about sixteen or so rows into it.) That also takes out playing my guitar, though I realized that if I get Murray (my electric) out of it's bag, I can play that with no amp and make no noise, wee!

I have slept totally horribly for the last two days, due to the heat and other things. (We do not have air conditioning, and all I own is a 8" clip on fan next to my bed, which resides in a second story bedroom. I'm thankful that there's a tree outside giving me shade, but STILL. Even sleeping nude doesn't help. Bleh. I'm going to try melatonin (not melanoma) today and see if that helps.

Anyone have any suggestions for some easy, fantastic vegetarian dishes?

Bad dreams last night, where my ex band was breaking up, and many of my most precious, delicate belongings ended up thrown in the pool, along with the drummer's kit. I remember screaming in frustration at Mike, to not give up, that this will soon pass.

Not sleeping well has hindered my ability to stay on topic, you see.