July 15th, 2007


I never miss.

Got my ass handed to me for the first time in FFXII when I went to fight Cthulu. (Not the real name, but I can't think of it, it's an Esper that sounds close, like Cuthlainn or something like that...) I went and bought jackboots and FINALLY killed the chubby fucker. Grar. I now have a headache.

aussiephil gave me an idea to help keep me occupied during my long nights up and alone.

Send me a song(s), will ya? Go to yousendit.com, or any of those other places, and gimmay.

If'n you've heard me talk about certain bands and want to check out some of their music, let me know, unkay?

Oh, and happi birfday, Phil. YOU ROCK. And I still think you're a hotty. :D

OOOH, and for the email address if you want to send the music that way:

aubrey.mcsaurus@gmail.com, or even just at aubkabob@livejournal.com. Both will end in the same place.