July 16th, 2007

simpsony me

They're all soggy, and oily, and they melt in your mouth....

I'm a cooking mutha this morning!

I .. never cook. I dont' have the attention span for it, you see... either I get too impatient and rip the food off the burner before it's done, or I forget about it (my attention span being like a gnat's on crack) and it burns.

But I have not one, but TWO things going on at the moment:

The first that will be inhaled will be a chinese type meal, I currently have seasoned tofu and mushrooms a stir frying, and a can of veggies (sprouts, celery, water chesnuts, etc) to toss in. Good thing I LOVE mushrooms, as the small crate I had purchased the other day needed to be cooked NOW, or it would have gone south, thusly, there's a TON of them in there.

The second is a vegetarian chili that I'm making with the second half of the brick of tofu. This will take all night and will be done a bit before I go to bed at noon.

Also, after the two Benedryl, the Nasacort, AND the Claritin, I'm still snuffly as hell, so maybe I should resign myself to having a head cold.


I also bring you an icon of a Simsponsed me, as made by the movie's website.

I really do need a haircut.

Nerd alert!!!

So, yes, they're working on an animated version of Dragonlance's Dragons of Autumn Twilight. The mere IDEA of Keifer Sutherland voicing Raistlin Majere just makes me cream my jeans a little bit. (Pardon the phrase.) I can see how Michelle Trachtenburg (Buffy's little sister) would make a good Tika. I had a moment of sheer fright when I thought I read that James Marsters was doing Tasslehoff.... but then realized it was JASON MARSDEN. Hah. Totally different.

I love Phil La Marr and all that he's done in the way of voiceovers and comedy and improv and all, but.... as Riverwind and Gilthanas? .... I suppose that, for the most part, I've only heard him do stuff like Wilt (from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends) and Hermes (from Futurama), which are, well... I guess not very ... what I would picture as a plainsman and an elf.

Maybe that's just me.

Granted, I just noticed he did Moogums' voice in the Invader Zim episode with the evil babies from outer space, which doesn't sound very... Hermesesque.

Though I guess that since I was such a GIGANTOS FAN of that trilogy (and the War of the Souls trilogy, I think it was, that Weis/Hickman did years later, taking place approximately 50 or so years after the initial trilogy, with Mina and that one guy.), I'm terrified of them doing ANYTHING with it, and am automatically going in as a skeptic.

I DID come across a graphic novel version of Dragons of Winter Night at Barnes & Noble a couple of months ago, which I thought was kinda cool. I thumbed through it, but only glanced through the section with Laurana, Tasslehoff, and Sturm in the major fight that, uh... somebody, somewhere dies at. (Not that I think that there are any fantasy novel fans out there that have NEVER read the books, I don't want to spoil anything...) I never did see it again. Granted, I haven't LOOKED, either.

Back to reading the Last-Herald Mage trilogy by Mercedes Lackey. I like the slight difference in story line that... well, you just don't get many books where THE GAY MAN SAVES THE WORLD. I'm about halfway through the first book, where everything is super happy, and it's tearing me apart because I know how it will end (BADLY FOR ALL CONCERNED.) but there's nothing I can do.

Except read on, of course.