July 19th, 2007


Dear diary...

Last song to play on my mp3 player on my walk home from work today:

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Good day at work, but oh how it's frustrating that time FLIES. It always feels like we've only been there about two hours and have all the time in the world to accomplish what we're working on, but it turns out that OMG it's daylight, and we only have three hours left. Though, I guess that's better than having time DRAG and for it to be a chore while I'm at work.

Favorite conversation for the day:

Me: I think someone's been drinking my soda.
Ted: ....
Me: Unless I'm just paranoid. *shifty eyes*
Ted: That's one of the things that happens to you when you start working graveyards for so long - paranoia sets in. Kirk told me that [insert name of bigwig visiting next week] is going to be here, but oh, don't worry about it, because you won't meet him anyway, as you're on overnights. I replied '... why... are you.... HIDING me? Do you not WANT me to meet him, and that's why you have me on midnight shifts? Really, I can start shaving again.'"

I also had a stressful part of my life finally fall into my past, as I remembered the word Segway. About a week ago, he and I were talking about how we needed to get one of those... thingies... to drive around on... but we couldn't for the life of us remember what they were called. I remembered as Roxana was limping around the store, and raced over to Ted and proudly proclaimed "SEGWAY!" at which point, he told me that he was going to scream that at me earlier, as they said it on the radio.


Maybe just to me.

I'm losing my mind.