July 23rd, 2007

bwa kawk

I know tonight... she comes.

Just got back from Hairspray...

It was one of the bestest movies EVUR. SRSLY. I went in skeptical, ready to be smarmed with musical cheese... and it had that, to be certain, but it was such an OMG FEEL GOOD MOVIE that my jaw hurts from grinning through the entire damn thing.

And to think we almost went to see Transformers instead.

Notes about the movie (no spoilers... really.)

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Bacci is completely enthralled by an Artic Monkeys video on tv. It was also hilarious (you prolly had to be there) when I threw the remote control across the room to Daniel, and she started howling a little bit, as if she was on the verge of going feral again since we surprised her. Jessie replied with, "What are you throoooooowiiiiiing?!?!?!?!?" in the same howly voice.

Jess hooked up the cable box downstairs, finally. We had one down here originally, you see, but he and Daniel confiscated it AGES ago for their bedroom, leaving me with only the channels that the tv normally carries. I had stopped by Comcast one day on the way home from school and picked up two free cable boxes. Being lazy and stubborn, though, I refused to hook them up as it would take a TON of work, and why should I do it, when I hadn't removed the last one? I've still been paying half the bill, so.... Thankfully, my laziness stubbornness finally paid off.

I've had the tv on The Tube for the last bit, and they're playing INXS's Need You Tonight/Mediate video. Aw, man that brings back memories of shortly after the summer I discovered boys. I had come back from visiting my father in Iowa for a month. raisin was 14, I was 12. Lost Boys was about to come out and she showed me the wonder of all the pretty men in the movie, as well as the soundtrack. We would hang all over the tv on days we knew that MTV would play the video for either "Goodtimes" or "Lost in the Shadows". Even to this day, when I hear those songs, I can picture the exact points in the videos that she would pause it so that we could see Corey Haim. I never wanted her to know I crushed on him, too, as he was HER boy. I stayed mostly content with my crushes on Core Feldman and Sean Astin.

INXS became my favoritest band in the whole wide world, until I discovered Def Leppard and fell into the next decadish of hair metal.

The End.
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It's oh so weird to see videos like Bon Jovi's "You Give Love a Bad Name" and know that all the boys in the band are probably five or more years younger than I am now.

Which reminded me of this:

Ha, and now they're playing Van Halen's "Panama" - one of thee worst bands as far as aging "beauty" is concerned. Manager Ted put it perfectly when he said "Have you SEEN Eddie Van Halen? He looks like the grim reaper!"

Now there's a commercial advertising the most powerful BUZZ BALLADS OF ALL TIME... and they're playing songs like Third Eye Blind's "Jumper" and Hole's "Doll Parts". Sorry, I find Courtney Love the complete OPPOSITE of all that is "romantic".