July 25th, 2007


We see everything that's going on in the world...

What's funnier than funny:

Manager Ted and I wore the SAME EXACT outfit to work today - the same random hue of blue of the same kind of t-shirt, same color/style of khakis.

What's funnier than that?

It took us about 3/4 of our 8 hour shift to NOTICE.

(Reminder, it's just he and I in the entire store.)

I have to take a shower and head to bed now... though I really DESPERATELY need to move my fuschia bat (I have a giant purple bat hanging in my room) and see if the ball of... something.. that I noticed dangling behind it the other day is really a sack of spider eggs, like I think it may be.

I'm terrified.

I keep trying to remind myself of my sheer enormous size in comparison to unborn baby spiders, but STILL. They might have knives. Or a protective GIANT parental spider nearby.


I think it's funny that I'm 100% fine with spiders anywhere in the universe at any given time... EXCEPT my bedroom. Anything spider related actually IN MY BEDROOM will reduce me to a quivering mass of goo.


I think it's the fact that they're parading around in there while I innocently slumber, and thusly could be doing ANYTHING to me, like posing my sleeping body with empty beer cans and cigarettes and taking pictures and posting them on the internet.
disco star

Tonight, tonight

Oh and a quick note about my disturbing dream last night before I forget..

I dreamed that it was absolutely normal for us to have spiny hairs on our tongues like cats', only larger and BLACK. I spent so much time in my dream, hanging out in front of a mirror and pinching a ton of pimples that had sprung up on my tongue, all around the hair folicles. This seemed absolutely normal to me in the dream, though I was sad that my tongue acne from my teenagehood had returned.



I sometimes wonder at our subconscious vocalizing itself in certain ways whilst we sleep.