July 27th, 2007

disco star

We'll go back together.

Work thwarted me at every turn this evening.

We get there, and they're replacing the server, which will take all evening. No access to any of the RF guns, innernets, store system, or anything. Ted and I shrug and go on our merry way to accomplish Things, until... the lights go off.

For whatever reason, our lights are on a timer and have to be "overridden" every single hour to turn them back on, until the real store hours arrive. We didn't think about it much until the lights went off the first time after we had arrived.

Doy, we need the innernets in order to turn them back on.

So Ted and I are shuffling around the store or hanging out at the front (briefly), trying to figure out what the hell we're going to do with only a few random security lights to see by. He decides to build a couple of endcaps, I decide to fix top stock on the pen aisle.

Two hours into it, I call Ted over. "Between you and me, if we come in early in our week so we're well rested, I really think that we have the capability to reset this aisle in one night."

"Yanno? I totally agree." (We had been putting it off because we were getting a remodel in September. The remodel has been postponed indefinitely, and the pen aisle - all 56 feet of it - is a MESS from us removing clearance merchandise and stuffing new stuff in.)

I spend another hour on it, before realizing that we're tearing it down in a few days, so...

LIGHTS COME BACK ON, YAYZ! THE GUNS WORK, YAYZX2!!! I'll shoot signs for the dumpbins I created! Whaaa, no access to signage? Shoot. Okay, I'll take care of my defects. I still haven't received authorization from the vendors? Double shoot.

And so on.

I'm watching Gleaming the Cube for some.. unknown reason. I remember seeing this yeaaaaaars ago and thinking it was a good movie. Another example of a movie that changes quality as you age.

I also officially got full time status as an employee today. This seems weird, I know, as I have been working 40 hours a week for a couple of months now. Now, I will be accruing vacation time as well as receive benefits for pretty much the first time since I left Phoenix, 4 1/2 years ago.
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Mercury Tree show tonight!!

The Mercury Tree

July, 27 2007 at Roseland Theater
8 NW Sixth Ave, Portland, Oregon 97201
Cost : $12.00

ElectricDoormat's second Really Big Show at the Roseland Theater, still indowntown Portland, and still the famous venue that has still hostedsuch amazing acts as TV on the Radio and Sigur Ros! 7 PM All Ages, mainstage (upstairs.)

I really need to get better at promoting my favoritest boys in the Whole Wide World. It's $15 at the door, $12 through a band member.

I'm excited for them, as I heard the show promoted on the RADIO, no less. Granted, they didn't say "MERCURY TREE", but they did promote whomever it is they're opening for, quite a bit.

Should be a blast, yo's.

Also, Check out their updated MySpace with a brand new look, fantabulous new pictures, and even more amazing new material. Their new album drops tonight at the Super Show!!!!

I miss them, I miss playing music with them, the fun of practicing, the wonderful joy I had at being a part of such a wonderful beginning.
disco star

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Since I haven't posted a picture of her in awhile, here is Miss Evil herself, Miss Little Bitchy Baby Bacci Arabella Butterfly Moon-Kitten Spaghetti Chewbacca Labor Day.

But we call her Bacci (pronounced Botch-ee, like the ball) for short.

You can just see the evil floating off her in waves.

But I luff her.

I vowed to go to bed early today, but I keep getting sucked into reruns of Extreme Makeover.