July 30th, 2007

period FUN!

These places and these faces are getting old.

I got my period today.

I'm quite shocked! This makes two this month. Granted, the first was on the 4th, and it's now the 30th... (it IS Monday morning, right? I get confused on this schedule...) but usually it comes about a day earlier than it did the next month, meaning I wasn't really due for about another week or so.

Though that would explain why silly things on teevee have been giving me a weepy lump in the throat over the last couple of days.


Usually, I run like clockwork, so I always scritch my head when Something Changes.

Almost wish I could have another day off work to just SIT here. I feel better today than I did yesterday, when my right shoulder and hand were kuh-ILLING me, but I feel as if I could still sleep a few more days.

Um... nothing else to report, really.

Anyone see the simpsons movie? No spoilers, please, but what did you think?

Edit: After thinking about it a bit, it's like my uterus doesn't have any feminine pull from anyone else for the first time in its life - seriously, the only people I ever spend any time with whatsoever now that I'm on graveyards is Ted, Yancey, Jess, Dan.... all MEN. I can't think of another time when I have been completely cut off from the female species. So, maybe it's regulating itself er sumpthin?
disco star

Do you have to pull my finger?

This is day two or three of my singing voice sounding fine, but my speaking voice sounding as if I have gargled with rocks.

This has been my 2670th entry in this journal.

You can add 1077 entries to it, from my original journal, aubreystar.

Jessie and Daniel are currently trying to chase Bacci back into the house.


She is now back inside, but throwing a tantrum because we won't let her out.

Double sigh.