August 2nd, 2007

bacci tongue

Not adequate to meet what goes on, consequently....

I got my camera working a bit and took some pickeetures.

First, the offending kitty:

She sits weirdly ever since we got her fixed, almost human-like at times.

Under the cut will be a picture of where she bit me on my arm, as well as one of the worst looking places on my legs. I was going to take more pictures, but I don't have the energy. I also put a picture under there of when I tore my pants on my walk home and injured my mid thigh from... friction, of course. I've always had a booty trunk bdunkadunk butt/thighs. I remember the recommendations that I was receiving when I made the original post, and figured that everyone thought that it was up near my bid'ness, but it was mid-thigh. It's pretty disgusting, but I posted a picture of it for you, BECAUSE I CAN. The wonders of the internet and all that.

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My heart goes out to the Minnesotans.
disco star

Hey, Bender, how's dinner coming?

Thank you so much for all your thoughtful comments over the last 24 hours. I will only destroy her as a last result - A VERY VERY LAST RESULT - and that's only if I discover that she's suffering with something that cannot be fixed.

I would like to somehow get her to a vet, though I have zero money (and will for a long time), unless someone can take her that has a good home. (not nome, like I originally typed, but if the gnome were to be nice to her, then maybe.)

I found a total of two spots where she bit me hard enough to break the skin with all four fangs - on my arm (the bruised picture I posted before) and the back of my right calf. The scratches that you saw from my left calf continue up my leg (including a ton of puncture wounds) and over my hip to my abdomen. The one on my abdomen actually bruised, which surprised me for some reason.

Woke up with a massive crick in my back, blergh.

Yesterday was, remarkably, one of the most fun nights that I've had at work so far. I had challenged Ted last week, saying that we could SO reset all of the pen aisle in one night. We.... got 16 feet of the 40 foot planogram done. Woops. So that's what we're doing tonight. I can't think of any specific thing that was said, but he and I worked side by side all night, laughing and laughing. It was what I so needed after crying for 20 min before leaving for work... then all the way TO work (sorry Ted), then snuffling for a bit afterwards.

Okee. Thanks again. I need food before I actually leave tonight.

Loves to you.